My interests in linguistics are primarily used for natural language processing work. On this page I just want to touch some references about general linguistic topics I find cool.

General thoughts on linguistics

There are many good general books on linguistics for both lay people and linguists out there. The Unfolding of Language is a very compelling book about language evolution in general.

The Horse, The Wheel And Language by David Anthony is a wonderful book to understand how Indo-European languages might have originated.

Terrence Deacon's The Symbolic Species is an old but still intellectually stimulating book on the very origins of human language within the realms of humans' evolution.

Stanislas Dehaene's book The Number Sense: How the Mind Creates Mathematics is more on mathematics and the brain but it touches language for number processing.

If you really want to get a glimpse into language and brain processing, you can go to Eric Kandel's Principles of Neural Science and read the chapters on language and learning - but that book is a general introduction and probably contains more than what most non-neurologists would like to know about the brain.

I am an absolute layman when it comes to psycholinguistics but I follow the research produced by such organisations as the Dutch MPI. Check them out if you are also interested in brain and language research.

Language learning

Linguistics and learning languages are different although definitely related kettles of fish. Learning and keeping afresh more than one language is time-consuming, so one definitely needs to develop good strategies to optimize one's resources. Below you can see some of the ideas and language resources I have found useful.

I put Russian resources on a separate page. For Russian, go to the Russian page.

I also have Estonian resources on a special Estonian page. There is a link there to some natural language processing stuff as well.

For my list of Polish resources, go to the Polish page.

Genre Title Description
General suggestions Lomb's How I learn languages This is one of Kathó Lomb's book about how to master several languages
German Radio Wissen Public online radio about cultural and scientific things
Norwegian Norwegian-English Dictionary: A Pronouncing and Translating Dictionary of Modern Norwegian (Bokmal and Nynorsk) (ISBN 978-0299038748) Probably the best Norwegian-English dictionary, somewhat outdated
Norwegian Norwegian Practical Dictionary (ISBN 978-0781811064) There are few decent English-Norwegian dictionaries out there. This one is from and into English. It is fairly decent and has quite some information on collocations.
Norwegian Norwegisch ohne Mühe Assimil (ISBN 978-3896250100) I think Assimil has better and worse books. I liked this one because it contains a large amount of expressions and it assumes some general familiarity with many terms and grammar principles as it is for German speakers. Its humour is not my cup of tea but that is the same with the rest of Assimil books.
Norwegian NRK The public Norwegian TV and radio.

Some language games

Calculating your English vocabulary
Om jouw woordenschat Nederlands in te schatten
Cliquez ici si vous voulez savoir combien de langues vous pouvez reconnaître

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