Here I put some resources I use to improve my Polish. If you want to check information about other languages or about linguistics in general, check out this page

ISBN Title Description
978-83-7429-527-7 Słownik tempatyczny Hispański A Spanish thematic dictionary for Polish speakers, it is also good for me as a native Spanish speaker who wants to learn some Polish. You won't find here morpho-syntactic information for Polish but there is a lot of vocabulary nicely organized.
978-0-933070-54-7 Polish: A Comprehensive Grammar (Routledge Comprehensive Grammars) This is a big one: all topics of Polish grammar in the Routledge tradition. I use the ebook version.

Some interesting Youtube channels in Polish:

  • Kasia Gandor
  • Kasia talks mostly about science and technology.

  • Historia bez cenzury
  • Tomasz Okońm talks about history, mostly Polish history.

  • 7 metrów pod ziemią
  • Rafał Gębura interviews the most different people.

  • Mówiąc Inaczej
  • Paulina talks about Polish for native speakers or those who speak very well the language (not me, but I hope to improve my Polish by listening to more difficult stuff).

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