Here I put some resources I use to improve my Estonian. If you want to check information about other languages or about linguistics in general, check out this page

ISBN Title Description
978-1-444-10602-2 Teach Yourself Complete Estonian have not seen much for Estonian in English but this presents a good introduction and has two CDs
978-0-933070-54-7 Estonian Textbook - Grammar, Exercises, Conversation bought this book by Juhan Tuldava after I bought the Teach Yourself series and I prefer this. It has more grammar, I like its vocabulary choice. It is older as it was published in 1994 and it does not contain any recordings but it still gives a lot of information I have not found in the other books
978-3-9341-10636-9 Wörterbuch Estnisch Deutsch This is the largest Estonian to German dictionary in the market right now. It was published in 2019. It is aimed at German speakers.
978-9949-17-303-7 Eesti Vene This is a phrasebook for Estonians who want to come around in Russian. But if you speak Russian, you can also use it to get the Estonian words. It is a bit outdated.
978-3-87548-544-8 Lehrbuch der estnischen Sprache This is for German speakers wanting to learn Estonian. It aims at A2 level and it contains a CD with mp3.
978-9985-71-308-2 Hispaania-Eesti Eesti-Hispaania. Tea taskusõnastik A Spanish-Estonian-Spanish pocket dictionary. It is primarly for Estonians but stillthere are some expressions Spanish speakers will find useful.
You can read, listen or watch Estonian news here. Most of it is in Estonian but you will find there the Russian Estonian channel (and some English).

I started to write in Spanish some basic stuff I am discovering with natural language processing in Estonian data in this page.

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