Let's be frank: the Semantic Web has been announced for ages now and yet there is relatively little out there. Advances have taken place in lots of areas but they are all in well-defined, restricted areas. Several of the big Internet companies announced some semantic engineering projects, but the vast majority of the searches and other services it offers are based on statistical and probabilistic approaches. Still, they are all working on. Apart from the projects on well-circumscribed tasks, I see a future in the following areas:
  1. Semantic support to refine solutions based on statistics
  2. A painfully slow but sure development of standards and projects to link a limited set of linguistic/unstructured data resources such as Wikipedia and some governmental sites with semantic repositories for better search
Of course, there will be progress in independent endeavours to improve natural language interfaces to semantic data bases...and people like me will like to see there some significant progress.

Some references

OWL API A Java API for manipulating OWL-minded ontologies Java implementation
Jena The Jena Project One of the key frameworks for semantic web and Linked Data solutions
Hadoop Apache Hadoop This is actually an Apache software package for distributed computing, but it is highly useful when it comes to dealing with massive amounts of RDFs triplets and the like

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